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COVID-19 Pandemic Destructive or not?

All human life is amid by the coronavirus all over the country. There are lots of deaths occurred since it gets spread through the world it already affected human life
and ruin it.

                                                "Nature Always balance itself"

I think we all are familiar with the consequences of the pandemic of coronavirus, but they're always a different point of view towards a problem. Here, I will try to show it with a different view angle.

Impact on water bodies


Everyone knows the importance of the Ganga river. It is listed on the top 10 polluted rivers in the world. According to the report, the Ganga seems better than the last few years during this lockdown.

It shows really a good sign towards the living of fish and amphibian species in Ganga river. As well as we are also familiar with the Yamuna river in Delhi, there are lots of toxic wastes are throw by the industry as a waste.
But when all the companies are shut down then it looks better than the past. Yamuna and Ganga river shows significant importance since the enforcement of a nationwide lockdown.

According to CPCB, The water quality of Ganga recorded 27 points in recent days and it is good for bathing and propagation of fisheries. 

So Somewhere Coronavirus impact a very good cares of natural resources. There are many things which are also listed in this. 

Impact on Pollution


Everyone is familiar with the pollution rate in India or many parts of India. But due to this cataclysmic time it really a quite good impact on pollution. 

In Delhi, distant buildings are visible easily by their naked eyes. Continuously the overall air quality index in Delhi falls under the satisfactory category.

Due to industrial areas, there is always a rise in air quality index but due to this lockdown, it appears good sign towards the life of people in Delhi.


As a result, the air quality is far better than in 2018 or 2019. But once the lockdown will over all the companies back to the work then it might not be good the air. So it must be necessary to make any schemes related to this.


Despite all of this coronavirus causes very serious health problems in human but somewhere it is good for natural resources.

In the end, I would like to say only one thing a very famous writer wrote:-
"The famous balance of nature is the most extraordinary of all cybernetic systems. left to itself it is always self-regulated".

Thank You !!

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