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Disruption of Education System due to this coronavirus pandemic

Hey, I'm here to give you a brief description of the fight that is going on between the Covid-19 and Education system, and I will also tell you how COVID-19 has affected and what was it's impact globally.


As of now, there are more than 2 million individuals who get affected by the pandemic (Covid-19) and about more than 6% of the total affected person had lost their lives and about 25% of it recovered successfully or we can say that they have escaped death.
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Around 210 countries and territories have reported a total of 2 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus COVID-19 (originated from Wuhan, Hubei, China ) outbreak as of April 17,2020.

Covid-19 is widely spreading across the world, almost 70-80 thousand cases reported every day and 5-7 thousand death's reported every single day.

Covid-19 has affected all the sectors of the country. Covid-19 has shattered Economy, Education, Transportation and other valuable & essentials things.

In this post, I will only tell you about how COVID-19 has affected education primarily?

Impact of the 2019-2020 Coronavirus or Covid-19 Pandemic on Education : 

Covid-19 has affected the Educational system worldwide leading to the closures of the college, university & schools.

We know education is the most primary thing in each & every individual's life. We don't know how many dreams are broken due to COVID-19.

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As of now, approximately 2 billion Learners worldwide have been affected due to school closures.
We know school is a primary level of education and if it has any damage, it is a matter of sadness.

According to the worldwide reports, 192 countries have implemented school closures while 5 countries have implemented locally. 

Seeing this, you will be stunned that due to the coronavirus pandemic, 99% of the total world students population has suffered losses.


As we know, if there is a school, college closures remain for a longer period, it will affect the major aspects of the country. School closures do not only affect the students, teachers and their families are also suffering a lot.

School, college closures have also affected far-reaching economical and societal consequences.

It will also be coming to all of you that school closures in response to COVID-19 pandemic have shed lights on that dark hidden figures which have been lost in the darkness, and on some relatable issues on which few people are paying attention like students debt, digital learning, healthcare, internet, food insecurity and many more. These are various social & economical issues those who should always be noted.

In response to school closures, UNESCO recommended the use of digital or distance learning programs and open Educational application and platforms that school and teachers can use to reach learners remotely and limit the disruption of education.

Consequences : 

In response to COVID-19, school closures lead to those consequences which are unexpected, unpredictable and I didn't even think about it.

School closures in response to the Covid-19 have shed lights on various socio-economic issues affecting access to education. In mid-march, about 400 million students have stopped attending schools due to closures as mandated by the government of the respective countries. And by the end of the month, there are 90% of students or learners impacted by closures.


If we talk about distance learning, it is a well-proposed method of providing education but if we see some countries who lack in the field of technology or if we see in rural areas, there is not so much reliable, fast & useful source for providing this kind of education. Rural areas lack in the field of technology or internet services which will prevent students of these areas from access to education.


I think lack of technology, lack of literacy, or lack of good internet services is an obstacle to continue learning in such areas for students without internet at home, this increases the difficulty of keeping u with distance learning.


Childcare is also a major consequence related to the school's closures because closures put mental stress or tension on parents or guardian to provide child care and manage distance learning in these harsh condition when their children are not attending school in response to COVID-19.
And I think, in the absence of parents or guardian, children are deteriorating.


We can also think about nutrition & food insecurity. Nowadays in, this changing world nutrition plays a very necessary role in the academic and primary stage of every child. You would know that each and every poverty-stricken child were relying on their school's meals for at least 1 meal of the day. School closures lead to the insecurity of food for those children. We don't want any child to die in hunger in this pandemic situation. Even when schools close, nutrition or foods is especially compromised for children in schools where Food is provided.


According to the reports, every year approx 30 million students or children rely on school meals.
And the study says that approx 5-6 lakh students or children get affected by school closures till now.


School closures have affected the lives of poverty-stricken children drastically.
If we talk about the most effective part affect by schools closures which are Student learning outcomes. When any children or students go to school, he/she may be busy in some formal activities in schools. Their minds are engaged for their work, I didn't say that they are fully engaged in studies but I simply want to tell you that there is something balanced in the bonds between study and other extra activities. 


Schooling provides essential learning and when school close, children and youth are deprived opportunities for growth and development. When schools close, parents have to do a very tough task which is confessing their children to study at home. Parents struggle very much to do this task and they have to face some problems also. Parents are often asked to facilitate the learning of children at home.


Schools also help in making social & human interaction. When schools are closed, many children and youth miss out of social contact that is essential to learning and development.

Ways the coronavirus pandemic could Reshape Education : 

We know, school closures in response to COVID-19 are taking the education system towards digital mode. Students are attending online classes, receiving their home task by any digital learning platforms or by an email. Many teachers or educators are trying that no one should be deprived of education & studies in this coronavirus pandemic.


This COVID-19 Pandemic is pushing students to learn new digital skills. Students are going for YouTube videos or making their own video shots to show their teachers as a home task. Many countries have started digital learning services for their students. They use Google Classroom like platforms to provide lectures, assignment and reference material.


Now, I think that day will not be far away when 5G will come and keep changing the education system into digital mode.

We have seen that this COVID-19 Pandemic also coalitions some private, government and semi-government institution to come forward and fight against this pandemic to maintain and can secure our Educational system & institutions.
They are utilizing digital platforms as a temporary solution in this crisis.

So I think you might have understood all things that I have told through this article.

Thank You !!

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