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Indian Education System : Problems and Solutions

by Prashant Kumar Upadhyay

Hey, in this post I will share some thoughts and my opinions on the Indian education system. As we all know, education is the most important aspect of everyone's life.

Our whole life is totally based on what we have learnt in our basic education. What we will become in future is also depends on our primary education and knowledge. Education has many rules and regulations, patterns, laws and many other things which change day by day.

We should be updated with the new version of the education system. Education is what, what are its old technique, problems and solutions, all you want to know is here.

Old Techniques

Education is not only the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think. We all are familiar with the old societal, traditional ways of guiding their students or children, and with the way in our schools, college as well as universities.

Earlier, people generally believe in homeschooling, they don't want to send their children to school for primary education. You can read here more things about homeschooling.


Modern education era

Nowadays, there are advanced techniques, modern ways which facilitate the entire education system. Technology is pushing our education totally towards digital mode.

We all know that teaching is a profession, but more than that it is a duty of teachers to teach needy children at anyplace, anytime with or without any fee.


Nowadays, teachers or professor focus only on rote learning, they just want the exact answer or words in the answer sheet. They are not giving any path to students to explore them. They don't want any other answers in the answers written by the student. Teachers should mind and give some space to students, to write on their own way on the given topic or question.

Problems in our education system and its solution

In this technological and modern world, the purpose of education for almost every student is only restricted to these two points :
  • To make life meaningful
  • To learn, how to learn

Each and every parent or teacher only focuses on to learn this or that but if the student doesn't know how to learn, how to read and how to write then his or her education has no meaning. If we talk about our most primary problem then what they are is here :
  • Follows only rate learning
  • Marks matter a lot than skills
  • Focused on theory than practical
  • No extracurricular activities
  • No live demonstration or presentation during class
  • Useless topics, unnecessary subjects
  • No extra time for physical activities
  • Teachers were not motivated or focused to teach a class of 40 and more students
These are the few problems which usually students have to face in their academic life.


If we talk about the Solutions to these problems or how to make the study more interesting, then here are some solutions to overcome the above said problems :
  • Most important: focus on their ethics
  • Teachers or parents have to work on their creative thinking
  • Give importance to learn new skills
  • Learn something new from every day
  • Yoga classes for each and every standard
  • Reducing unnecessary subjects
  • Equivalency in theory and practical
  • OA classes every week for presentation or speech in front of the whole class
  • Should teach about spirituality
  • Sports period should be compulsory in a day
  • Must participate in the extracurricular activities
We should make these changes in our education system so that we can sustain it for future generations and give them a better world or space for education.

Conclusions :

Despite all things, education should be focused on " well-formed brain instead of well-filled brain ". There would be many more changes in our education system, if you have your views then please must keep it below in the comments section. Because we together can change the world.

Albert Einstein well said :

" Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. "
Here are some interesting facts about the Indian Education System
Thank You !!

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