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Why most of the parents prefer private schools rather than public schools ? | Private school vs Public schools

by Prashant Kumar Upadhyay

In this article, I have shared my views and opinions on the difference between private schools and public schools which was created by our government and Society. Also, I will talk about why most of the parents prefer private schools over public schools. So, let us understand the mental fight between private schools and public schools.

What is Private school?

Firstly, before going to the point we have to understand what is Private school? So, private schools are not run by any governmental organisation or we can say that it is not owned by any government organization. Private schools are owned by a personal individual who wishes to run the school after taking government and authority permission. 

Normally, these individuals invest more and more money to create a better learning environment for children. They invest in its infrastructure and in your locality you have also seen the infrastructure of a private school that how its look like because they know outside impression will be enough to attract towards our institution.

They hire Teachers according to their budget. Normally, they hire low-wage teachers also depending on their capital to invest in them. Only a major difference is they hire regular teachers, who came regularly day by day. If I sum up all these, then I can say they generally build their environment for teachers and students great.

Now, let's have a look at 

What is Public school?

Public school is owned by a governmental organisation and is totally funded by the government of centre and state. Government of different states invest the different amount of money on infrastructure and teachers.

Normally, government teachers have very high wages and have a very different kind of lifestyle. These teachers are not regular and this is the only problem associated with public schools. These teachers don't want to come to school but they want full salaries with extra incentives also.

You have also seen a public school in your locality and after that, you can understand the condition of that school. I don't mean that all public schools are bad, some of the government schools have their rules and regulations like private schools like Pratibha, Kendriya Vidyalaya and many more.

Have you ever wondered why most parents prefer private schools? Even a small wage worker also wishes to send his children to private schools, can you think why? Because private schools have much more than the preferred Education style rather than public schools. There is a lot of difference between a private and public school and here I am enlisting some of them :

  1. Class size 
  2. Teachers
  3. Students attitude
  4. Meaningful activities
  5. Preparation for post-school life

Let us understand each difference one by one 

Class size: Class size is the most important difference between private and public schools. As we know, private schools have tremendous infrastructure both inside and outside. Usually, class size matters a lot, in private schools a class size is generally of 20 - 25 students which is far better than the class size of public schools. I think larger the class size, lesser will be the impact.

Teachers: As we know, teachers play an important role in a school or in our education system. As I have said above in this article that in private schools teachers are regular and absenteeism of teachers in public schools is a major issue. Teachers are not very regular in public schools.

Student: Private schools generally take admission of good personality, gestures and have a positive attitude. So, in general, private schools not only work on the education of the child, but they also works to modify the personal attitude of the child, but in public schools, there is no such thing.

Meaningful activities: In private schools, the administration also focuses on the co-curricular activities of the child. There are separate classes or periods for games and activities, but in public schools, if education is not there ( excluding some well managed and reputed government school ) then what else will happen.

Preparation for post-school life: Most of the private schools, start giving some guidance and information about what a student can do after the end of the school? They organize counselling session regarding post-school life career, but in public schools again, there is no such thing except some public schools.

So, I hope you might get an idea about why private schools are better than public schools and most of the parent and student, why like private schools the most.


Thank You !!

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