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What is time management ? Time management tips for students


Hey, in this article you will come to know about some important tips of time management for students. As we all know what's the importance of time in each and every individual life's. Students need to manage their time for all their activities but they don't because they follow today's modern trend like social media, movie. So, I am here to give you some tips for managing time, if you follow these tips you can lead towards a successful student.


What is time management?

So, first of all, we have to understand what actually time management is, time management is not only to make plans for all your work like a student who has planned to study not more than 4 hours a day but only he is studying for half an hour or sometimes don't

So, here what this student did is he had made a plan but he was implementing that. He used to study only half an hour instead of 4 hours but it will be interesting to know that, this student is very successful in managing his time for social media and NetFlix like things.

We don't have to only make a plan, we have to implement on it and we have to consider our valuable time because all of us know that one of the most valuable things in students life is time.

As we know, in this modern and busy scheduled life, some students have to face struggle while finding a balance between study and working on hobbies and the most important in modern world ' social media and Netflix, amazon prime like things and we know, it is quite difficult to find such a balance between all these activities.

You know there are many students like you and me which want to explore themselves, want to learn something new in their day to day life but can you think of that why you won't be able to learn something new or why we are not exploring ourselves. It is very simple to answer this question, the possible reason will be :

  • You don't have so much time ( such a fool reason )
  • You are not managing your time ( explainable reason )
So, if any student says I don't have time then no one is bigger foolish then him. You should ask that student who has more than 24 hours a day? You, me and those who became successful also have only 24 hours and this is what you have to learn here. Through this post, you are not going to learn how to add some extra hours in a day, here what you will learn is how to manage these 24 hours.


So, below are some tips which you should read and follow :

  • Keeping a note of all things: suppose, you have to meet someone after some months who are important and special for you and he/she has given you someplace, time and date to meet on and you forget time, place and date when that time comes, it could be lost for you. So, what you have to do is you have to make a note in which you can write whatever you want to. It will help in reminding you of such a task if you ever will go throughout this work.


  • Setting a 'No' word in your dictionary: Have you ever faced a situation like you want to do something very important for you but your family or relatives has given some other work to you or your friends called you to play with them and couldn't refuse? It must have happened as it is common. But what you have to do is, you have to say ' No ' to such things if you want to become a successful student.
    I'm saying this because you have only 24 hours in a day and if you have lost this 24 work in your useless work, then you may be angry at yourself and you may think that you did not do what you thought today to do. But the most important step toward time management is finding a balance between these work and in your good works.

  • Do the most important thing first: Have you ever wondered if you will complete your most important work in the starting of the day then most of the short remaining task can be done easily. Many students are very fond of u and they thought social media is a work then this work can also be done at the end of the day.
Just think you have not completed your work which is very important in a starting of a day and left your work for the end of the day and not finish that work, then you might feel stressed and tensioned.


So, we have to do the most important things first.

  • Give some relax to your body: Tell me one thing, will you keep working all day? No, what we actually learn is to manage our time between all these tasks like studying, playing and relaxing. Our body demands good and calm relaxation as it would keep you motivated and energetic ever. So, what we have to do is give some relax to your body by forgetting all the extra things from your mind. You don't have to think a lot and take stress while relaxing because it can lead to an unproductive mind.


  • Set time for each task: If you set time for your all tasks from study to work on hobby then it will be easier for you to manage your time because suppose you haven't set any specific time for using social media then there may be a chance of getting indulged in social media for a whole day.
If you have a plan to study in the morning from 6 AM to 8 AM then you to have to implement on it, you don't have just make a plan only.

Benefits of setting a specific time for a task, you might get habitual and productive.
And all this lead to happy you and happy family.

Hope you have understood all things and will definitely follow in your life.

For a better understanding of these tips, you can go through this video (below)

Thank You!!!!!!


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