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Why physical education is important in india ?

by Prashant Kumar Upadhyay

Hey, in this blogposts I will share my opinions and views on indian physical education system. After reading this article, you will definitely understand what is physical education ? And what is its need ?


 You will also come to know what problems are associated with indian physical education system and what is its solution. We all know that every child should be mentally, physically and socially strong and growth should be maintained at all levels. So further read this article to understand what you need to know here.

What is physical education ?

Physical education is a type of education which is physically associated with the childrens. Physical education is necessary for all standard of children. Childrens must be physically strong so that they can tackle any problem with them or be physically strong is also necessary to maintain fitness of body. Physical education can be used to give healthy needs to any children.


Physical education can teach what to eat, how to eat, how to live and how to maintain ourselves. Physical education consists of yoga, sports and nutrition and a lot more. We very well know that how sports and meditation matter for us?
Let's see now what is the need of physical education and sports ?

Need of physical education and sports :

As I have said above physical education and sports should be attached to our daily routine or lifestyle.

Sports & physical education are vital factors when it comes to keeping kids healthy and maintained.


There are some needs and requirement of physical education in our day to day life.

  • In childrens it is essential to develop motor or gross skills
  • Yoga is necessary for maintaining health
  • Can be used to learn skills of any sports activity or exercises
  • Can be use to make people more aware and concious about their health 
  • In schools, students have a lot of stress and burden on their day to day routine, so to cure the stress it is necessary to be meditated in a day.
Problems we are facing :

Physical education in india is often neglected as a part of the education and many schools across the country are not considering and giving any importance to physical education.

There are only a few schools in india who have managed to balance between academics and physical fitness.

Now, Where does the problem lie ?

  1. Lack of qualified coaches : No of qualified coaches or trainers are very less in india. This type of education primarily demands a good trainer and coach. A good and qualified coach knows each and every physically related term which he/she can deliver it to learners.
  2. Lack of sports facilities : It is a major problem in rural areas or village areas. Due to lack of infrastructure and sports facilities villages are lacking very behind the urban areas. Proper guidance is very mandatory in physical education and it requires equipment, teaching materials and class size.
  3. Lack of investment by the school as well as by parents: Children capability of doing some physical activities or playing sports can be increased by parents and schools investment in their children interest, so that can learn each and every new skill with some passion and interest.
  4. Lack of natural learning: Natural learning means knowledge or skills which will grow naturally in children's lifestyle. Now-a-days, childrens more pretend to be activist at their home only . Most of the children do not want to go outside for any kind of physical activities.

Benefits of Physical Education : 

  • Proper physical growth : Physical education is mainly beneficial in maintaining proper physical growth. Childrens who has started maintaining their physical growth in early age has now understood the meaning of physical fitness. If a child is not physically fit from an early age then he/she may lead to obesity physical education is mostly helps in the development of bones and muscles. Children who are enrolled in sports help them to be active, healthy and fit.

  • Confidence building : When you are physically fit or good at any sports, then it will definitely enhance your confidence. Physical Education helps children to develop sportsmanship, companionship, discipline and teamwork.
  • Helps in becoming future sportsperson: We all know that to be a sportsperson in future, we have to work hard on our sports and activities from an early age. As some children show some signs of interest in particular sports or activity and that children should be encouraged so that they can see their future as a sportsperson.
Measures to make physical education most effective : 

  • Physical education development
  • To strengthen the roots of knowledge and base of our physical educators.
  • By increasing the no of physical educators
  • By encouraging sports in schools
  • By forming a governing body for physical education sector

Conclusion : 

Encouraging physical education and sports in india is important and schools must realize the benefits that can be achieved from a few hours of activity every day. Schools have to understand the importance of having a separate period for physical activities.

Thank You !!

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