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Are you scared of Pre-Boards Exam? | Tips for Pre-Boards and Boards Exams

Pre Board Examinations 

Scared, are you??

December is about to end and a new year is coming too. With the dusk of the new year, the time has already come for switching to the examination mode for many students. Especially for class 10 and 12 students, their board exams are already coming on their head and what comes is the kind of a headache for many are "the pre board exams".


This time is very precious for every student. It doesn't matter whether you are a class topper or an average one or the one who just passed every previous exam of a particular subject with the border-line marks. What matters now is how you utilise your precious time and how you practice as much as possible.

 Current Scenario

 Not just our country but the whole world today is under the grip of the n-Covid 19 due to fear of exposure of which all schools and colleges had been closed in March with the online classes being the new normal.

 By September some states in India had allowed for restoration of normal for senior classes while some states still haven't given nod for the same. With the new waves of the virus, the fear isn't getting a proper conclusion. While many state boards have decided to conduct board exams in the mid of 2021. CBSE has also decided to not conduct board exams in the Jan-Feb cycle. Since now is the time for pre-board examinations of many schools' authorities have decided to go ahead with the online pre-board examinations. But there is a concern that when the children are giving examinations from home they might tend to use unfair means which could result in the rise in numbers of toppers. In total this might depreciate the real meaning of examination.

 But the current situation also demands learning to be not hampered any way by the pandemic, otherwise the basic need of the upliftment of human beings - the knowledge will be highly affected. The only solution to this question in the present scenario is the online pre-board examinations.


 As pre-board exams are to be held in online mode many students have doubts and fear in their mind regarding the exams. So, without wasting your extremely important time we have the following suggestions which you can use to score good marks in not just your pre boards but in boards exams too.

1.        If you have noted, always prefer them first rather than those heavy books.

2.        Try to solve model question papers (with solutions). You can pick any guide (U-Like, etc.). Without any disturbance sit alone and solve the paper yourself for 3 hours. After completing not just check your answers but also see the model solutions to those questions too to improve your answer writing skills. It will also improve your speed.

3.        Go to CBSE's website and download the toppers' answer sheets. You will see there what magic they actually put in their solutions to get top marks.

4.        If you are stuck in any question while solving practice papers like how to answer or aren't able to understand the demand of the question properly, simply ask your teacher (whether you're in good books or not) they'll definitely help you with proper guidance.

5.        Don't forget to take a fair share of sleep before the exam and before question paper is distributed if you are ever feeling nervous put a hand on your heart and say All Is Well ( same as in 3 idiots😉) and do not forget to have a water bottle because drinking water really helps in reducing the tension

 Importantly for those whose pre-board examinations are being held online.

1. A day before the examination you can do numbering on the sheets on which you will have to write your answers and try to write everything from top to bottom with neatness, so that the examiner doesn't get confused while checking the sheets.

2. You can also use some document scanner apps such as Adobe Scan, etc. to scan your sheets fast and neatly

3.  Always prefer to scan your answer sheets and upload it with each answer getting completed. Don't wait for the last-minute rush

4.  Having someone with you for scanning your answers might be very useful as well.


Despite many efforts of the public health agencies it is observed that the virus has an unpredictable nature. We don't know whether the person sitting next to us is infected or not. With the new strain of coronavirus been found in the UK, see - New Mutated Covid strain, it is reported to be having more effect on younger age groups. So it is better to conduct the exams in the online mode because the extraordinary times require extraordinary efforts. The question paper may be lengthy, but what it really matters is how much you stay calm and how well you strategise. 

All the best for exams!

Thank You !!

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  1. Yes, this artical is encouraging. For sure it is going to help the students. NICE.