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Is America is edging towards another Civil War?

The presidential election 2020

The united/divided states of America

As we all know that the voting procedure in the US elections are completed and counting has started already with the result now being declared. When the votes were being counted the hearts of many heads of nations beating with an amazing contest between two candidates. This election is not just about the decreasing power of American hegemony or conflicts with traditional rivals, it is now also about the civil rights in America and most importantly the pandemic.

According to many polls, it was predicted that heavily outspoken 45th president Trump might lose the election making way for Biden and the coming results indicate the same, and as of now the democrat Joe Biden has won the presidential elections and he is now a president-elect. But there lies the problem, a big one, Trump has made accusations that a huge no. of votes are not counted and there is mismanagement in the counting of votes, thus raising questions on the integrity of the voting procedure.

Also, there has come a report according to which an international watchdog which observed the US elections have made an excuse to the Trump's accusations that they did not observe any single incidence of false votes and has assured that the elections were held free and fairly.

But still, Trump insists on his accusations and has also sort of declared himself as a winner. This accusation has resulted in heated arguments of words between many supporters of both parties accompanied by rallies and protests. Because of this, not only the US but the whole world is fearing of the possible resurrection of the Civil War that once swept the whole United States.

Going in past, the infamous American civil war had resulted in almost 1 million (10 lakhs)+ casualties on both of the united and the confederates' sites. After the end of the war, the peace came but leftover of the war ruins was very huge, the Govt there launched the reconstruction programme and made them part of Confederate States together with The United States to now, what is known as a part of a developed country, the USA. 

But because of the possibility of the re-ignition of such a mass scale war in the modern world of nuclear power the world is in fear basically, the citizen of America are in fear. One might say that position of America in world politics is decreasing but one can't resist saying that the country still holds reigns of many international institutions, and such a war might have a disastrous effect all over the world.

As of now, civil authorities and many leading news agencies have reported that there's a sudden increase in the sales of arms in the US, why is this so?? Probably because of the fear in the people. Fear for their lives and what is worst is that there's no law regulating the sales/registration of weapons in the US. Most importantly people are divided as supporters of a particular party making possibility of clashes and civil unrest giving fuel to the fire of The Civil War.

What could be probable reasons for a civil war in connection to the presidential elections??

1) if Biden wins and Trump denies to resign

2) if Biden wins and takes over the chair but people still not satisfied with the result begins violent protests

3)spread of false information

Now, the decisions have come too as the Associated Press (AP) has called this race with Biden getting the required minimum electoral college which means he will be the 46th President of the United States (POTUS) and Kamala Harris will be his deputy i.e. Vice President of US.

Therefore, to make sure that these allegations don't lead to the civil war doesn't happen it will be better if there's a smooth transition of power from republican Trump and democrat Biden, and it will be better if Trump goes by his country's topmost rule book - The Constitution. He can approach the courts if he feels that there are mismanagement of votes. Also, it is the responsibility of the Supreme Court there to ensure that the constitutional and democratic rights of any citizen aren't hampered. 

In the end, it should also be the responsibilities of US citizens to not believe in any information as it may be false and they must pressurise the government and their legislators to come up with laws to make the buying/selling of arms more difficult, to make the world's oldest democracy truly democratic to the upholding of the rights of their citizens and make their country truly United despite the divisions of ideologies.

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