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New Mutated Virus is Spreading throughout in the UK | Covid Update

When human is too closed to the vaccine of this very contagious disease, everything now changed to be normal and make as earlier. The economy of many provinces getting improve day by day then suddenly new strain of Coronavirus spread in an uncontrolled manner. We all suffered from coronavirus from lasts 9-10 months, when it seemed that everything would be the same but again God plays with us.

New mutated Coronavirus spread in the UK and according to experts, it makes 70% more transferable infection.

What exactly happens?

As we hoping for the vaccine for an old version of the virus, the new one gets to enter in the market (in many countries). The new strain of Coronavirus identified in the United Kingdom, according to reports this virus is up to 70% more infectious. Means it gets substituted from one person to another and in UK government says it spread "Out of Control". The government noted that this new strain is spread more in less duration. According to experts, this new strain virus is fully originated by South East England.

The new strain of Coronavirus named as- VUI-202012/01. The initial case of this new strain was observed in mid- December. Reportedly says, around 60% of people in the UK have now been infected with the new strain. On 20 December, European countries began closing their borders to travellers from the UK. The case of the mutated virus increases exponentially.

How the virus is mutated?

"A mutation is a change in the sequence of bases of DNA or RNA in a genome" known as a mutation of the virus.

Let have a look:- Coronavirus is made up of fully RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) and when a virus infects you, they attach to your cells get inside them, and make copies of their RNA which help them in the spread. And the change in virus sometimes happens randomly or by accident. RNA  virus has more chance to mutate faster than DNA, single-stranded viruses mutate faster than a double-stranded virus.

Effects across the world

As UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson stressed, "There is no evidence to suggest it is more lethal or causes more severe illness or that vaccine will be less effective against it". He also added in his statement:- "when the virus changes it's a method of attack, we must change our method of defence".

After that many experts conclude their theories on this new virus, they said the vaccine is made by taking care of all new strains of Coronavirus. So if virus further mutates from the existing one then we have a vaccine to cure.

Italy has banned incoming flights from Britain over the r fear of new strain of covid-19. Among all the countries cancelled their flights from the UK. Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Australia all these countries restrict their flights from the UK.

WHO concerns

Outside Britain nine cases of the new the strain found in Denmark, one in the Netherlands another one in Australia and some are from South Korea and also from other parts of the European nation.

WHO also said to follow the instructions as per the government guidelines.

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