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Should I take a Drop after 12th for JEE or NEET?

by Harshit Bhardwaj 

This question is faced by every student who was unable to clear JEE or NEET in the first attempt. The purpose of this article is to provide an insider's view of the question. After the result of JEE Main, JEE Advanced and NEET, thousands or even lakhs of students start getting paranoid about what college to go to, their career and job prospects and it is at this point that they start thinking about the question" Should I take a drop for JEE or NEET?" 

So here is a quick method to help you decide: -

First- Analyze where you stand. Start by checking if you fulfil the 12th per cent criterion for JEE, NEET or not. It might seem obvious but it'd be a blunder if you made a mistake here. Secondly, understand your rank in given JEE OR NEET. If you got a rank worse than 3 or 4 lacs (assuming you are general), taking a drop probably won't do you any good. I'd suggest you take up the best institute you are getting and focus on things ahead. If you had a rank better than that you may consider dropping a year.

Second- What's your motive? For what prize are you ready to give one precious year of your life? A strong motive is ultra-necessary before dropping a year for JEE OR NEET. This is the thing that will push you toward your goal in the long one-year run. Every time you think about studying later, every question that you attempt when you don't want to study every extra hour that you burn midnight oil you must remember this.

The desperate your situation is now better will be your chances of achieving success. And remember it is national duty to aim high. Do not invest one year if your target is not the topmost institutes. Though it might sound far-fetched now after one year it will seem completely reasonable and you will regret if you did not start preparation that way and then end up getting a rank just shy of getting you a dream college.

Thirdly- By the end of May both JEE and NEET exams have concluded and you know whether you'll get to go where you want to go or not.  If you are considering taking the drop start studying right now. It'll help you a lot believe me. Because it is one thing planning to study and different than actually studying. You might be making plans that won't work for you.

So, make a study plan for around two weeks, pick up a pen and paper and start right away. Aim for at least six hours a day and at the end of 14 days analyze where you stand. If you were able to give six hours for 12-14 days, you have a serious chance of getting into topmost institutes like IIT Bombay and AIIMS Delhi, doesn't matter even if you had an above 2 lakh rank. If you were unable to follow the plan you need to reconsider your idea of dropping. Beware because you might end up being in a worse situation, with an even bad rank and wasting money and above all time, precious time which once lost can't be compensated. 

Lastly, don't think about dropping just to get into any tier 2 or tier 3 govt. College. It's not worth it. If you invest one precious year of your life, you should not compromise with anything below the best. It is not as difficult as it seems from where you are standing. Just remember "Perseverance is the key."  

If you want tips on how to prepare a study plan or how to stay motivated throughout the year, Comment below.

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