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Does time management really make sense in students life?

Time Management in Students Life

One the day you realize that you've been wasting a hell lot of time and decide to do something about it. If you are a student and planning for an upcoming exam, in some moment of passion and excitement, you would have chalked up a timetable that goes something like this.2 hour study 30 minutes break, 2-hour study 30 minutes break and repeat. Admit it you have either made a timetable like this or have been advised by your parents and everyone knows that it always fails spectacularly the reason being simple "You are not a machine." you're a human and have felt like one and thus are your actions, well humane. A robotic timetable like this is bound to fail. So, what should be an effective time management strategy that works for humans?

First of all, figure out your priorities. What things must be done at all costs. These are the things that you should complete at the earliest.

2nd Figure out your time wasters. They can be your friends you hang out with [ too long sometimes] however primarily it is what you are reading this text on.

You must realize that all that time you feel you are getting "updated", actually, you are killing time.

you should know that just checking what's up takes about 10 minutes and not "just a minute".

3rd - plan ahead of time. Set goals for yourself. Remember you must I repeat must not find yourself thinking "what should I do now" rather "what would I be doing next". Also, it is necessary to not set overambitious goals. If you are not able to achieve goals set, it might become a habit and eventually lead back to square one. So rather than making a timetable like 2 hours study 30 min break make a to-do list. 

This is very effective compared to a timetable because most of the time you find that you cannot study now as someone is calling you or you had to go somewhere and what not and now your study time has passed, and it's time for a break and so it becomes a three-hour-long break. Life is not as strict as your timetable. Your plan must be flexible enough to account for uncertainties like these, and a to-do list best fits these specs.

Tips to make an effective to-do list-

1 Prioritize: Things which are of utmost necessity must on the top.

2 Mention due dates: This will help you to not miss deadlines.

3. Plan resources: If you need some extra help or something which can be done only when you have access to some particular resource you should take them up at appropriate times. Organize tasks accordingly.

4. Mention estimated times required to complete: This will help you in not taking too much for a day and make you faster.

5th and last. Break your objectives into small manageable chunks spread over a course of time. Want to cover the semester’s entire syllabus in a week. Take the tension evenly spread on the seven days and you’ll have less stress on the day before an exam. 😉

If you have ever looked at a 50-story building and thought of climbing it. From the outside, it definitely looks a daunting task, and it is so. But once you go inside, you find that you just have to climb a 20cm step. The point is that tasks in life that look so huge from outside they actually are a sum of small things, so much so, that they feel trivial to you. It is these trivial tasks that, when done in the right direction, make the monument of your success.

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  1. This post is very useful for me .I will definitely apply these tips in my life . Please, post more information related to this topic in future.

  2. This post is very useful for me . I'll definitely apply these tips in my life .Please, post more information related to this topic in future.