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Life Without Smartphones: A Report by EASTfacts Media

The smartphone is Mobile Device that combines cellular and mobile computing functions into one unit.
Due to enhance technology use of 📱 has increased and even replaced laptop and computer.


It is something that every generation have used to. Technology has made everything easy for every individual working in each sector. It has made every generation gathering information; paying bills; ordering clothes and meals online with just a single tap sitting in an armed chair happily. They just get involved and confined in four walls of room exploring different and new techniques.

SOME FACTS about the usage of Smartphone:

Only 16.6% of the world population surf the internet. 1 billion users around the globe are surfing the Internet every month. Amount of internet surfers in Asia (389,392,28 mil) is 11 times the population of Australia (34,468,443 mil). 19% of internet users are from United States (210,080,067 mils).


1. INSTANT COMMUNICATION 📞-   smartphone paved the way for text messaging, call, video chat and apps that allow people to instantly communicate with anyone in the world.
2. WEB SURFING - according to a study, 10% of total time spent on phones is utilized in web surfing only.

3. CAMERA - enhanced technology provided the best alternative and saves people from buying a separate digital camera.

4. ENTERTAINMENT- smartphone full package of all sorts of entertainment like 🎬, 🎧, 🎯, 📚, cartoon etc.

5. EDUCATION - smartphone aid study with easy access to information and interactive learning through watching educational videos and games.

6. GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM(GPS)- allows people to locate certain addresses and area all around the 🌎.

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1. CIBER SECURITY - smartphone makes the work easy but people in the field are misusing their knowledge and doing wrong work like cyber-attacks, cyber wars.

2. PRIVACY CONCERN-regions where the people are just newly involved in the technology and they might not know their privacy can be shared if not used the smartphone effectively.

3. SOCIAL DISCONNECT- as the smartphone are so much effectively in today's a life that everyone wants to be just connected via the app called Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram by this app interaction physically is very low between people.

4. MANIPULATION- sometimes the incomplete manipulate information can cause disputes over a group of people or in a region over a state.

5. ANONYMOUS OR FAKE PERSONS- As in this time anyone can make a virtual account without any verification that causes multiple accounts of a person with different age, gender and name that is causing multiple problems that are adversely affecting the young people and youth in society.


Smartphones became the need of the hour. For most people, it's absolutely impossible to imagine life without Smartphone since we all are completely dependent on them for every single piece of information. 

With improved technology 📱has become a source of income for many people like different kinds of jobs have been created by just using a small gadget.

In Situations like a pandemic, people could get jobs by just using their smartphone. Almost all educational institutions shifted to online mode only because of this existing technology. Today every sector, firm has adopted a virtual platform. 

But with these benefits, we also have to be conscious about our sensitive information we can prevent many crimes against us. Smartphones also creating social distancing between people and worsening our relations with others but just by spending time with family, friends and other people we can keep our relationship well. Someone truly said:

"How we choose to spend our moments is how we choose to spend our lives ".

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