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Is this the Cryptocurrency will reform the Digital Era? A Report by EASTfacts Media

On 31 October 2008 when pseudonym SATOSHI NAKAMOTO came up with the idea “A peer to peer electronic cash system “

The value of one bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, was $0 and on 8th January 2021, the price of one bitcoin was $41,528. 

In the covid19 pandemic when everything was slowing down bitcoin met its height. In his article, Satoshi Nakamoto defined this electronic cash system as “A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution.”

This increasing graph of cryptocurrency not only got popularity among tech giants such as Microsoft, Starbucks, Wikipedia, burger king, PayPal, Tesla, JP Morgan bank but also among the students and institutions of higher education. Many giants worked on their cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin ripple., EOS, etc.


The transparent and digitally secured transactions through the cryptocurrency without having a central server are growing interest in different universities and students to know about this technology.

After maturation of blockchain and cryptocurrency and their adaptation by business and other groups over the last few years there is huge demand of skilled employees those who can run this system often called as miners, those who can resolve cryptocurrency-related issues, can operate related software, can solve crypto-maths equations, can deal with block-iteration, can maintain the crypto revenues, can mine bitcoins.

This demand is fascinating for the universities to take initiatives for educating the students about the cryptosystem and the students to have a bright career in the crypto world also termed as magic internet money.  

Where in other financial institutions there is always a third party that increases the cost of every transaction but in cryptocurrency, there is no such third party and not a central server. In cryptocurrency, every transaction adds to the previous one as a chain referred to as the blockchain. And to recognize every successful transaction in the cryptocurrency system needs a Miner who can earn money.

This chain always consists of some Mathematical equations and related software. So, to pursue this technology we need highly qualified miners and teachers who can educate them. To meet this rising demand for cryptocurrency we need a huge number of educated employees who can operate this whole system.


Many institutions of higher education are growing their interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and offering a particular course in this sector.

According to a report published by “Coinbase'' cryptocurrency exchange and “Curiously,” a data start-up, 42 percent of the world's top 50 universities offer one course in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and 22 percent provide more than one course. And 9 percent of students have taken the course. This increased popularity of cryptocurrency over the existing institutions is creating a vast number of jobs and enrolling ourselves in these courses will ensure our brighter future.

Education institutions also need to increase the numbers for these courses.

Schools also can fit it with other disciples and can start the learning teaching program as a skill enhancement of the student so that the student can grow interested in the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology education and can opt for these courses in higher studies. 

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