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How to start creative writing? | Tips by EASTfacts Media

Creative writing can be a fun and fulfilling hobby. But that doesn't mean it's almost always simple. When creative writing is outside of your comfort zone, you're unsure how to get started, or you're simply suffering from author's block, there are thousands of things you can do to improve your skill.

What is creative writing?

Creative writing is a kind of writing that covers various diverse genres than formal types of technical writing or academic writing. Creative writing emphasizes themes such as main characters, narration, and storyline, flavoring its structure with creativity and tale.

Read as possible

It's far more difficult to learn creative writing if you're not using any sources to draw on. Famous writers over history have created outstanding examples of well-written artistic activity which should be mandatory reading for each aspiring creative writer.

Read well-known works by great writers in a variety of genres to get a sense of where your passions potentially lie.

Don’t discriminate random thoughts

Don't deny the odd thoughts that come to mind. Even terrible ideas may inspire wonderful ones, and you will never know just what would spark an idea for a great one later on. 

Have a core inside

Fiction writing typically produces a tale, theme, or lesson to impart. A tale that lacks a driving force will seem flat, and your readers will not grasp your story's goal or why they must care. Use your distinctive style to create a tale that will connect with the readers and engage with them in a way that will leave an immense lasting effect.


If you'd like to write, you simply can not wait for ideas or a divine to appear in your thoughts. You must work. Find a habit that works for you, add it to your daily calendar, and stick to it. This may be difficult at first, but the more you do it, the more confidence you will have and the simpler it will become.

If you have difficulties keeping to a schedule, several organizing and productivity solutions are available to assist you.

Visual content

When you read an article, you don't usually read lines of explanations of the surrounding locations where the events occurred. Graphic and pictorial descriptions are mostly used in creative writing. You'll need them to assist them especially as a means of what the individuals in the article, surroundings seem like. This draws readers in and helps them to put themselves in the characters, that is the reason why people read.


Last but not least. While reading your content the reader should be able to imagine and feel your story. The manner you like to create the image in your head is part of what makes creative writing more creative.

That indicates creative writing to use more stories, figures of speech, metaphors, similes, and other connections to build a real impression in the minds of the reader.

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