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Why is India lagging behind in technology globally? | An analysis by EASTfacts Media


We all know science never fails to surprise us with its inventions and possibilities. We’ve seen from the past few years that India has shown rapid growth in science and technology. At present India has a strong base in modern technology. At the same place, there are shortcomings too, reliance on foreign technologies has shown a lack of ability.

Reason behind Stagnancy

Lagging in the science and technology field, low investment, and improper use of manpower in research and development led India to it. According to reports of Indian science and technology, India is much behind other developed countries. 

In 2002-2003 when India invested US$ 3.7 billion in science and technology, China did four times more then India, at the same place, the United States invested 75 times more than India.

This isn’t the only reason behind the lag of Indian science and technology…suffering from lack of funds, unethical and there hell lot of reasons behind this. 

To say India's education system is well balanced but at the same place, education in science and technology isn't in line. curiosity leads to innovations and inventions, that are almost gone from students nowadays. School institutions have much focus on theory rather than practical knowledge. These are some serious issues that can be seen in local level or government schools mostly. In India, more than half of the technical graduates are either brain drained or do not add value to present achievements because of improper guidance

What can be done???

To cope with this serious issue, the government has already taken some steps and the results are remarkable also. Actions were so helpful that improvement was recorded in the global innovation index and has 48th position.

Nowadays many youngsters came with their effective and efficient startup that made Inthe dia world’s third-largest technology startup hub. The above achievement is surely remarkable and made India and Indians proud but if we want to be one of the superpowers in R&D we need to find the roots of problems and should work on them. 

We also need to focus on the basic level of education for our coming generation. Right now India needs fresh ideas innovative youngsters, honest officials and employees, a proper partnership between public and private authorities, investment in research and development, slight changes in the education system, to get the INDIA’s past position back, to be one of the superpowers in terms of scientific, research and technology and development


In the above article you've read, what and how science technology means to us, our country to our economy!

How the education system is balanced but still technology isn't interline. How and why students have lack curiosity nowadays, how students become victims of braid drain and became the reason of Stagnancy Or economy, science, and technology. We've read about what can be done to improve this situation, what can be done to get bring science and technology back in line. How fresh ideas, innovative youngsters, honest education officials, loyalty between public and private authorities, etc.

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